TMS – Stone

As a little Boy in School, one Day we painted a Stone with an simple Motive. Remembering that, i decided to paint some Peebles. Living near a River i’ve got a good Supplier. But what should i paint on Peebles? Surely, the masked Soul.

Peeble Supplier by the River

A lucky Soul on Peebles

Which Peeble is next?

Every Peeble is Unique and has his own Soul, so i try to interact. There are a lot Intercations with them: Round, squared, broken or flat… What want they Say? Where do i Place it? Sometimes i prepare a Serie of painted Stones to drop them with my Bicycle. But mostly i enjoy the moment at the River and i just drop them where i was painting. If too many People appear, so i jump on my Bicycle an search a new Place, dropping the painted Peebles.